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Black Background


Founder and CEO of Black Luxury Group, Xecutive Drive, G1 Sports Support, and Author of 3 books. In 2018, as a single mother, Natalia separated from her job as Accounting Manager to relocate from Broward County and start her first solo company. In 2019, she received a seed fund of $10,000 from an investor and 3 years later by the end of her 4th year in business, Xecutive Drive grossed over $1 million in revenue. Thru Xecutive Drive, she has served 300+ clients with business consulting, start up, accounting, and tax preparation. Natalia Cox, currently owns several holding companies, trust funds, stocks, real estate, and other companies.

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My Story

"For 11 years and counting I've been in the accounting industry helping companies of all sizes throughout Florida. As I gained more knowledge and experience I began to understand many small businesses were lacking financial structure and processes. With that insight, I started helping small businesses implement new financial systems and business processes to enhance their financial tracking, profit margins, and organization. Those companies were not-for-profits and for-profits businesses grossing anywhere from 5 figures to as high 8 figures a year." 


My modo is "Wealth is determined by what is OWNED not what is OWED." - Natalia Cox

In 2013, I had my first encounter with wealth, which changed my entire perspective on what RICH truly meant. During my role as a cost accountant, I worked with an older, Jewish male, CPA, who I thank for introducing me to wealth literacy. His annual salary was the biggest paycheck I had seen at that time. But the icing on the cake was he drove a kia optima and lived in a normal single family home. Here was a man that could drive a concept car, if he wanted, but drove a Kia Optima and 40% of his income was automatically contributed to a retirement savings plan. After many discussions, I realized wealth is not expensive cars, homes, and jewelry. Wealth is determined by equity, assets, and ownership. During my time of employment in the financial industry, I was normally the youngest and only African-American in the department. In those type of circumstances and environments you learn to take nothing personal, deliver accuracy, and stand on your decisions.


After a few years, I realized those characteristics were needed in my community. Minority business owners were and still are in need of support, being educated, supplied with the knowledge and resources to bring them forward. It was time to use that fight for a more personal cause, not for just one company. Since then, I have helped 86 small businesses successfully build sustainable companies, clientele, obtain funding, via grants, loans, credit cards, sponsorships and much more.


In 2019, I was sitting in a living room with a group of individuals discussing the issues minority businesses had been facing for years. On that day, Black Luxury Group was invented, which was later legally formed to serve existing and aspiring minority business owners on a journey to stabilize and grow their business finances as well as access to wealth building strategies. With that, I present to the world BLACK LUXURY GROUP, a movement for minority owned businesses.

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