Our Mission Bridging the gap of wealth disparities in America that minorities face, through Financial Education, Mentorship, and Direct Access to Wealth Creation Platforms designed for Entrepreneurs in a Comfortable & Supportive Atmosphere.

We Are a Wealth Management Network Group for Aspiring and Existing Minority

Business Owners



When our business is "finished"

what will it look like?

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We have created an environment that thrives on group economics instead of individual economics.

We have created financial resilience, opportunities and educational platforms in our community.

We have created a Multi Million Dollar Platform that thrives off serving our clients, group, advisory board and community.

We have automated 80% or better of our company with dedicated Partner’s, leaders and a committed team that works in harmony with each other.

We have educated and created 500 or better thriving minority business owners that can compete and thrive in any environment; delivering skills that create consciousness, structure, accountability, discipline. in addition to how to optimize our environment by bringing on team members that stretch us, grow us, and create unity among each other.



 Business & Financial Consultant 


 Mindset Coach 

Known as "The Financial & Business Development Guru",
Natalia is an expert in business finance and development with over nine years of experience working in finance.


Her experience includes working in management for Not-For-Profit & For Profit companies in industries such as, entertainment/production, construction, service, real estate, and much more. Financial accounting is her first love which led to Natalia's extensive background in finance.

Gerald Williams- Cummings is a serial entrepreneur, investor and mentor who has helped numerous clients with business coaching, mentorship and financial investment.

Gerald launched and managed several successful businesses in industries such as real- estate, trucking, contracting, and more recently financial development.  
As a native of South Florida, Gerald was highly influenced by seeing his father’s work ethic and his step-father’s business savvy which provided him an early look into the benefits of entrepreneurship. 

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